Thursday, January 13, 2011


My puddle installation view

Table of contents, 2009
ink on paper

Five bottles of urine, five bottles of grape juice, 2009
five labeled glass jars of urine, five labeled glass jars of grape juice

A dollar bill covered in the ashes of dollar bills, 2009
framed dollar bill, ashes of dollar bills

A clean white pillow case covered and filled with dirt, 2009
white pillow case, dirt, nails

Nearly invisible tent with toys, 2009
kid's camo-tent, stuffed animal, toy gun, packaging tape, lamp, Christmas lights


Day-spa, 2009
white table cloth, table, labeled plastic bucket filled with water and toilet paper, paper sign



My puddle, 2009
frame, puddle of water on the floor
the puddle is dry in this photograph. puddle varies in size. puddle is re-poured every half hour.

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