Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Ten Things, 2010/ Ten Things, 2010, 2010

Two simultaneous mixed-media installations.

This installation is based on the first and second set of ten commandments as given by God to Moses in the Old Testament. Each set of ten things is complete and believes itself to be alone, yet the two sets of ten things exist simultaniously and reflect one another.

Installation view

Installation view

One purple crystal

Purple crystal and AM/FM Radio set to a sports radio station

Inventory of Ten Things, 2010

Blacklight Skull lightbulb on gold colored lamp

Cassette tape

Inventory for Ten Things, 2010

Monochrome art historical references with text

Black "velvet" T-Rex

Jesus Christ Superstar LP and The Medium is the Massage LP

A thing and a drawing of the thing

The New York Times August 20th 2010

Energy saving lightbulb in gold colored lamp

How we know the earth moves, 16mm film

Drawing of a man sitting near his igloo

My cactus and a candle in a singing bowl


Praying to Dust, 2010

Performance, 1 hour

Two people dressed in garbage bags sway and hum in an attempt to communicate with a plastic bag taped to an electric fan. The fan blows the garbage bag up and it sways slowly. The two performers dressed in garbage bags look and move just like the fan wrapped with a garbage bag.